Mark your calendars and sign up for this all-inclusive writing masterclass that caters exclusively to military authors!


Beginning April 6th and running until May 11th.


You will learn the secrets of writing a successfully published book.


**Limited to 15 authors only for a truly tailored experience to each and every manuscript


Rule Number One of the Writing Process: Learning how to follow the right structure while still being flexible

The Most Important Writing Trick: You will learn how to show your readers, not tell them your story

How to Make Your Characters Come Alive: Whether writing fiction or nonfiction you will make your characters come alive

Understanding the Publishing Industry: You will learn who's who, different publishing routes you can take, and how to choose the right publishing route for you and your book

How to Land a Literary Agent on the First Try: No more stress or anxiety of trying to find an agent; learn how to get the right one on the first try

The Best Kept Secret in the Publishing Industry: The one thing you will want to know before publishing your book!




at $100 each!



Private Group: Authors will be part of a private group where they will receive ongoing support, and be able to network and interact with one another.

Professional Examples: Authors will receive a sample of materials throughout the course (Valued at $500)

Personalized Support: At the end of every lesson, there will be a ten-minute Q&A where authors will be able to ask direct questions to Brunella (Valued at $100)


Expert Guidance: Brunella will personally follow the progress of each manuscript during the course of the six-week Masterclass (Valued at over $1,000)






Kicks Off April 6th running through May 11th!


Grab your spot, as spaces are limited and will fill up fast. Stop putting off sharing your story and learn how to write and publish a bestselling book this year! 


*Bring a friend: Refer a friend and receive a 20% referral discount. Refunded after both payments have been processed. 




"Spoken Words Fly Away, Written Words Remain."

- Latin Proverb

Brunella is a bestselling editor, ghostwriter, and translator. She has worked with award-winning and bestselling authors, as well as a wide range of well-respected prominent publishing houses. 

So she knows what it takes to both write and publish a bestselling book. Brunella brings more than her exceptional language expertise to the table, she works one-on-one with the authors to bring literary masterpieces to life. 


Brunella is a proud Air Force wife and knows first hand the ins and outs of military life. There is no better person to help breath life into your story. 

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