You’ve written a complete manuscript that is 80% properly developed and you are almost certain it meets industry standards but would like a professional to take a look at it. Line editing is the right option for you! 

How it Works: You send me the draft and I will edit it for marketability, readability, plot structure, story arc, character development, dialogue vs narration, narrative voice, grammar, punctuation, syntax, word choice, typos, spelling, etc. You do all the writing, but I offer minor rewriting on the sentence-level and comments left on margin of the page to help guide you through the revisions.   

Benefits of Line Editing: You will then have a manuscript that is ready to be submitted to literary agents or publishers, meets industry standards, follows latest writing and publishing trends, and is polished following the rules and guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition. 

Timeline: Between two and six weeks. 



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